Portable Mosquito Misting System


Enjoy bug free outdoor living with the Mosquito-Hawk Portable Insect Misting System!

portable mosquito control systemThe Mosquito-Hawk  portable insect misting system is completely self contained, lightweight and compact. The system is powered with a 12V rechargeable battery so it requires no electricity. The Mosquito-Hawk Portable is easy to set up and easy to use!
The Mosquito-Hawk Portable is ideal for patios and porches, RV’s and travel trailers, cabins, play areas, shops, garages, barns, horse stables, kennels, dog runs, livestock holding pens, deer blinds, campgrounds, outdoor pavilions, swimming pools and anywhere you want to control flying and crawling insects!


 mosquito misting nozzles along fenceThe Mosquito-Hawk Portable controls and eliminates insects by automatically spraying a fine mist of Liquid Gold insecticide for a preset duration (1 to 99 seconds). The insecticide is emitted through misting nozzles that are strategically placed in the area requiring insect control. The area each nozzle can control is approximately 200 square feet. Spray times (up to 9 per day) and duration is easily set with the digital timer included with each system. Effective control can be achieved with a 30 second mist duration 4 to 5 times per day.



liquid gold The Mosquito-Hawk Portable sprays a fine mist of  Liquid Gold concentrate to control and eliminate up to 300 types of flying and crawling insects, spiders and bugs!  The Mosquito-Hawk Portable will effectively rid the area of mosquitoes, wasps, stable flies, deer flies, face flies, horse flies, bott flies, house flies, black ants, red ants, fire ants, wood ants, mud daubers, red wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, no-see-ums, moths, German roaches, cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, caterpillars, grasshoppers, silverfish, crickets, centipedes, millipedes, lice, ticks, June bugs, beetles, fleas, gnats, love bugs, crane flies, chiggers, and many other outdoor pests!

Mosquito-Hawk Portable Insect Misting System Kit 

portable mosquito kit 

Kit Includes:

  • 12 Volt Motor / Pump
  • 12 Volt Battery and Charger
  • Programmable Digital Timer
  • 3 Gallon Reservoir
  • 3 Heavy Duty Spray Nozzles
  • Nozzle Mounting Hardware
  • 50 Feet or White Nylon Tubing
  • 16 oz. Liquid Gold Concentrate 
  • Programming Instructions and Install Guide

ONLY $449  


 Extra Parts

50’ Nylon Tubing



¼” Heavy Duty Nozzles

$17.95 Each


Liquid Gold Concentrate

 – Quick Knockdown and effective control of more than 300 types of bugs, insects and spiders.  Liquid Gold is specially formulated to work in automatic insect misting systems. 

$19.95 / Pint 
 Assembly and Use

  Step 1: The Mosquito-Hawk Portable includes three nozzles and 50’ of nylon tubing.  Uncoil tubing and place nozzles in desired location.  Nozzles should be placed 8’ to 10’ apart for the most effective insect control.  Additional nozzles and tubing can be purchased to extend the coverage area (up to a maximum of 10 nozzles). 
  Step 2:  Cut the tubing to the appropriate length with wire or tubing cutter (Mosquito-Hawk tubing cutter sold separately).


Step 3:  Insert the nylon tubing into the fitting until you feel it seat.  Internal stainless steel barbs grip the tubing when pushed to correct depth.  Line pressure will increase grip.  Place elbow nozzle at the end of the line.


Note: To remove the tubing push the collet toward the fitting body – releasing the barbs.

  Step 4:  Secure the nylon tubing and nozzles to supports with Velcro straps (included).   
  Step 5:  Insert tubing into pump outlet fitting. 
  Step 6:  Remove the reservoir cap and pour Liquid Gold concentrate into tank (1 Pint).  Fill the remainder of the tank with water and replace reservoir cap. 
mosquito timer  Step 7: Set timer duration (1-99 seconds) and number of spray cycles per day. Effective insect control can be accomplished with a 30 second duration, 4-5 times per day. Turn system on and enjoy bug free outdoor living! 


liquid gold 


 Our system and our insecticide set us apart from the competition. Our proprietary formula, Liquid Gold, kills flying and crawling insects. Liquid Gold Insecticide is manufactured for S-Industries by Pyranha, Inc. under a private label agreement.

Unlike other insecticides that work only on flying pests, Liquid Gold kills and repels more than 300 types of bugs, insects, and spiders. 

       Liquid Gold provides:

  • Quick Knock Down and Kill
  • Extended Kill Time
  • Immediate Results
  • No Resistance
  • Effectiveness

The key ingredient is pyrethrum, a water-based botanical insecticide derived from the Chrysanthemum daisy. This ingredient has been used effectively for over sixty years with no signs of insect resistance.  Liquid Gold is specifically formulated for automatic misting systems and will not clog the misting nozzles.  Liquid Gold has a special additive that means no stirring is ever necessary to maintain the proper balance of the solution.  The use of Liquid Gold is such an important factor in our customer satisfaction that using any other insecticide in our misting system may void the warranty. Not only will you be disappointed with the results, but other insecticides may contain petroleum distillates or oils that will clog the spray nozzles.  Liquid Gold Insecticide for the Portable Insect Misting System kills over 300 bugs, spiders, and insects. Liquid Gold Insecticide has the fastest killing and longest staying power, saves money, requires no agitation, contains 3 killing ingredients, Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide, and Permethrin. Liquid Gold also acts as an effective repellent. 


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