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Family enjoying mosquito free backyard!
Take control of your yard with the Mosquito-Hawk insect misting system. Mosquito-Hawk offers several solutions for the do-it-yourself homeowner.

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Do-It-Yourself Mosquito Control Systems

Do you have basic tools in your garage? If you are handy with tools and like to work outdoors then the MOSQUITO-HAWK Do-It-Yourself Kit might be the perfect solution. You can buy factory direct from MOSQUITO-HAWK! Installing the Do-It-Yourself mosquito misting system can save hundreds of dollars over the cost of a professional installation. With some basic tools and MOSQUITO-HAWK’S installation guide you can have the Do-It-Yourself insect misting system up and running in no time!


The Mosquito-Hawk Do-It-Yourself starter kit includes the basic components for a small to medium sized installation.

digital control system  mosquito starter kit 

Kit Includes:

MH-55-D Digital Control System, 55 Gallon Reservoir with Cover, Remote Mist and On/Off Functionality, 500 Ft. Black Nylon Tubing, 20 Tee Nozzles, 4 Union Tee Fittings, 2 Y Union Fittings, 4 Straight Union Fittings, 5 Nozzle End Plugs, 1 Bag Tubing Clamps, 1 Bag Tubing Ties, 1 Tubing Cutter and 64 oz of Riptide Solution.

ONLY $1375  (Save over $50 when you buy the kit!)

**For larger yards just add additional components (up to 60 nozzles) to meet your individual needs. See step by step instructions below for custom configurations.

Step 1: Measure your yard

If you have a survey of your house and property or a hand drawn diagram you can fax it to us (please pinpoint existing trees, play areas, deck, sitting area or pool) and one of our designers will draw out the proper nozzle placement and fax it back to you. Our fax number is 281-545-2759. If you need any help with this process please feel free to call us at   832-545-9691 or email us at

Step 2: Choose a System

Mosquito Misting Systems

All MOSQUITO-HAWK automated misting systems include a 55 gallon reservoir or an optional high capacity 125 gallon reservoir to store a biodegradable mixture of pyrethrum insecticide and regulate its release with an easy to use timer.

Analog System

The MH-55-A analog mosquito control system includes a simple to use analog timer, 0-180 second adjustable duration timer and auto-off-test toggle switch. Many customers prefer the analog system because of the ease of use for set-up. Mosquito-Hawks standard 2 channel remote allows the user to remote mist or disable the system. Includes 55 gallon reservoir, 140 gal/hr rotary vane pump, 1/2H motor and heavy duty cover.
Analog control system
MH-55A Analog System: $850

Digital System

The MH-55-D digital mosquito control system includes a programmable digital timer.  The digital timer allows the user to program up to 8 applications per day and select the duration time for each spray.  All systems include a remote transmitter to disable the system or mist remotely.  Includes 55 gallon reservoir, 140 gal/hr rotary vane pump, 1/2H motor and heavy duty cover.
Digital control system
MH-55-D Digital System: $895

Step 3: Choose accessories


Each system requires either natural or black nylon tubing.  Nylon is formulated to provide long life and resist UV damage as well as chemical deterioration.

*TIP: Select natural colored tubing under the eves of the house.  Black tubing is ideal for the fence line and flower beds.

 1/4" Natural Nylon Tubing
 (500' Per Roll) $125


1/4" Black Nylon Tubing
 (500' Per Roll) $125


Misting nozzles should be placed every 8-12 feet under the outer eaves of your house and around the perimeter fence line. The nozzles are constructed with a 1/4" quick connect fitting so installation is fast and easy!  Simply push the nylon tubing firmly into the nozzle to get a secure connection. If you have to split a line off you will use a quick connect union tees and proceed with placing your nozzles. At the end of each run of nozzles you will place a plug in the last nozzle.

Extension Tee Nozzle

standard nozzle
Standard Tee Nozzle

45 Degree Tee Nozzle
Straight Elbow Nozzle
union tee fitting
Union Tee Fitting

straight union fitting
Straight Union Fitting



Step 4: Enjoy your mosquito-free backyard!!!

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